About Us

Who we are

We are based in Bangalore. During the course of past three years, we have consolidated our presence in the therapeutic segment with cutting edge services and state of the art pharma products. Our company caters to the pharma segments pertaining to Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedic, Gynecology and general domain. The secret of our success lies in remaining abreast of the changing dynamics of the pharma market and intuitively adapting to the same.

Our policy is to provide customers with superlative well-being products without compromising on the quality front. This has won our brand the trust of millions of people who have been looking for authentic pharma products to give their ailing health a definitive facelift.

In 2018, through a unanimous decision ratified by founding members, the pharma business was segregated from the parent company. The new branch has been christened as ‘Medivel Biotech Pvt Ltd’. This decision is inspired by the motive to enhance our competitive edge in the market and invest more on research and development to come up with more potent, cost-effective pharma solutions. Under the umbrella of Medivel Biotech, we have an array of ambitious business plans which would be materialized sooner. A good number of new innovative products are slated to be launched in the market within a year or two.

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